“Describe him in one word? Genius.” – Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief, Marvel Comics.

 “He’s a pivotal figure in the world of comics. He has positively altered the state, the ethical structure of the industry, and always for the better.” --Harlan Ellison

“Adams transformed Batman into the sleek, brooding Dark Knight depicted onscreen for the past two decades.” -Brian Lowry -- Variety

“Who is the greatest living comic book artist? As I’ve said before, my vote is for Neal Adams”- Geoff Boucher –LA Times


NEAL ADAMS  is an accomplished illustrator, known everywhere for his seminal painted paperback book covers for Ballantines books. Previously, he provided exciting illustrated covers for many Marvel Comics magazines like “Savage Tales of Conan”, “Dracula Lives”, “Marvel Preview” and “Deadly Hands of Kung Fu”. Throughout the entirety of his career, Neal has continued to paint for a variety of clients outside of comics.  He continues to explore illustration with a series of modern, “pop-art” paintings based on his classic Comic Book images. Neal continues to have legendary ‘runs’ on Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Deadman. His work led directly to the realistic incarnation of the Dark Night Detective seen in “Batman Begins ”, and the “The Dark Knight” movies. Creator of Ras Al Ghul , now featured in the “Arrow” series, and re- created the Green Arrow. He created Malcolm Merlyn, a villain/ally who appears the “Arrow” TV show.


He is currently working on a New “Deadman” 6-part series due out this November 1, 2017., “The Day of The Dead” Don’t miss out on the excitement!

Neal has recently opened the Neal Adams Gallery in Midtown Manhattan which displays over 50 pieces of original art. Neal’s Gallery has been shown on the New York Times, the Daily 360. More information can be found at www.neaadams.com.


And be sure to check out Neal on http://www.nealadamsstore.com

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