LINDA ADAIR is an Australian/Canadian contemporary figurative painter currently residing in Germany. Her work ranges from classical portraiture to the fantastical world of imaginative realism. Primarily self-taught most of her work derives from the extensive travels and personal experiences. Influenced and inspired by classical realism she has worked to merge the academic and classic with the contemporary both in subject matter and in her approach to the medium.


 “Creating a quiet narrative with a little mystery is something I am always trying to achieve. My hope is to create works that communicate universal emotions, from experiences and shared histories. “I’ve always been fascinated by the nineteenth-century classical realists, and more recently I have been influenced and inspired by the Golden Age Illustrators like Mead Schaeffer, Dean Cornwell, Howard Pyle, Frank Brangwyn and N. C. Wyeth. I gravitate to the beauty of realism with the added element of narrative. I enjoy finding inspiration in literature and old legends as well as our contemporary world.


“I love narrative paintings that spark the imagination for more than just what you see. I have found the subjects that I am compelled to paint most are those based on legend and human histories, but with a hint at alternate worlds thrown in. “The way the story is interpreted for each piece can differ radically depending on the viewer, and sparking that imagination can be incredibly rewarding.”


She has exhibited in group shows across the U.S., most recently at Abend Gallery in Denver for the Inner Visions show in September 2016 and Helikon Gallery and Studios in Denver in February 2017. And had her solo show Echoes at Distinction Gallery in California in May 2017.






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